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5 minutes with Peter Handscomb

Peter Handscomb

Victorian Bushranger & Melbourne Star

Full Name: Peter Handscomb
Height: 6'0", 183cm
Weight: 75kg
Born: April 26th, 1991
Affiliations: Victorian Bushrangers, Melbourne Stars
Sport: Cricket
Peter Handscomb


  • Club Team – St Kilda Cricket Club
  • State Team – Victorian Bushrangers
  • First class matches: 19 matches
  • First class debut: vs Queensland, Gabba (2011-12)
  • Highest first class score: 113, (2011-12)

1) Hello Hank. Welcome down mate. Let's jump straight into it. How long have you been a professional cricketer?

Daniel, firstly it's a pleasure to be here. This would be my fourth year coming up now. Thankfully coming to the end of pre-season now and looking forward to some more match play work.

2) How would you describe your trade as cricketer?

Wow, haha jeez personal early. I would describe myself as a batsman then a wicketkeeper, right hand batsman that is. But yeh I'd prefer hitting the balls mate rather than them hitting me.

3) Lets talk gym. How big of an impact does it have on your game/ as a cricketer in general?

Well as a wicketkeeper, the main focus is to get my legs strong enough to be able to do 90 overs of squats, then still being able to take off at the end of a day for a catch or save, so the gym's been very important.

More so batting wise this year as well, as I'm learning to try hit the ball over the fence more and more.. Unsuccessfully mind you.

4) Describe to us your average week? (eg. Gym sessions, running sessions, massage, prehab/rehabilitation.)

Yep, so our gym sessions which are Monday, Wednesday & Fridays, usually go for 1hr – 1.5hr. Depending on how much we're being smashed. We have about 15-20mins of prehab work before each session. That's a bit more individualized, for me for instance I have to do a lot of hip flexor stretching and lower back mobility work, whilst incorporating a lot of glute activation work using therabands.

Massage is once a week, depending on the time a year, obviously in season that'll go up to probably two. We also have pilates every tuesday afternoon.

5) How important is pre-habilitation these days?

Yeh prehab's massive, as your previous Correct Talk guest Cameron Wood mentioned. As Cameron said you can't just walk onto 180kg bench press - I think I'm up around 50kg personally haha. But also prior to game-day we do a lot of work on those back and hip flexor issues.

6) Nutrition mate. Do you guys at the Bushrangers have a dietitian? If so, what's your relationship like with her? Do you get homework, or get thrown in the naughty corner if you guys slip?

Haha funny you mention that Daniel, I just missed a call from her not overly impressed by my skinfolds rising. Steak night might have to have a small hiatus. No, for me personally the goal this pre-season was all about increasing the right weight working with both the dietitian and strength and conditioning coaches. I've managed to put on 5 kgs this pre-season with my running testing staying consistent.

7) Fast facts with Peter Handscomb.

Favorite food?
Mums macaroni and cheese

Favorite movie?
The Italian Job - Marky Mark.

Where would your perfect holiday be?
Anywhere there is sun, sand and surf. West coast America

Being a hopeless romantic with a beautiful girlfriend, describe to us your perfect date?
Perfect date, wow. Hope she doesn't hear about this. I'm a relatively standard date guy, I need to be able to converse during a date, silence does nothing for me. But yeh somewhere social, perhaps a small pub-crawl along the Yarra River or something along those lines.

What's your most prized possession mate?
I have a snapback hat collection mate, largely collected from our recent trips to the states.

Lastly Hank, describe to us your 'Happy Gilmore' happy place?
Haha probably not too dissimilar from the great man himself to be honest. No, umm. Our recent trips to Coachella music festival in California would be high on the list there mate, that will forever be a safe sanctuary.

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