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5 minutes with Len Rogers

Len Rogers

Full Name: Len Rogers
Height: 5'6", 171cm
Weight: 63kg
Born: September 4th,1929
Occupation: Former Engineer

1) Would like to wish a good morning to Len Rogers, thanks for joining us on Correct Talk. How are you going?

Generally speaking, pretty good thank you. Just finished a medical check up going on a week now. The cardiologist says I got another 12 months to live, so that's good (laughs).

2) Now, you're one of our eldest, longest and most beloved clients Len. If you don't mind how old are you mate and how long have you being coming to Correct?

I was born 4/9/1929, so I'll leave the mathematics up to you boys. But this would be coming up to my 5th year with you guys now.

3) You're pretty regimented with your exercise Len, what was the reason you came to see us at Correct?

Well general fitness, to stay healthy of course and the other reason is to try and improve my golf. It deteriorated as I got older, so I'd like to think I'm trying to retrieve it and get back to where I was.

4) How does today's exercise compare to what you used to do? What did you used to do?

Exercise and gyms were no-where near as big as what it is now. I did a real job unlike you blokes (laughs). No I was an engineer, so it was long hours, desk work. Occasionally I would walk the building sites but I never had a gym membership or anything like that. It was just tennis or golf.

5) Since starting in the gym Len have you noticed any difference to your golf game?

Since starting in the gym there has being no doubt that my ball striking has definitely improved. The short game hasn't improved mind you. It's just unfortunate as you get older and it'll happen to you blokes, my putting has deteriorated as I cant pick up the subtle-tees around the greens anymore.

6) Give us a quick breakdown if you could Len of your average week exercise-wise please. (How many golf games or practices, how many times in here, stuff you might do at home etc.)

Well since I retired I made it my goal to play golf every Sunday and Tuesday, I come in and see Dan twice a week for a half hour unfortunately (laughs). Where we go through a range of golf specific exercises, some easy some not. He then gives me homework to do whether it be exercises on my foam roller, theraband or just a variety of things to do around the house. Whatever it is, I just try to do something every day. Unfortunately I can't get here everyday, so as long as I can get something in.

7) Fast facts with Len Rogers.

Now, time for some lighter stuff mate, for us to hopefully get to know you a bit more.
Oh dear you're not going to make me do anything are you? I can't dance to well.

(Laughs) No mate, just some simple Q & A will do.

Favorite Food?
Ohh I guess it's a dead heat between Fish and a good Steak.

Favorite Movie?
Couldn't tell you boys the last time I went to the Pictures, before my time in Australia that's for sure. I forget the name of it now. But me and my wife always much preferred a live show or the theatre. Can't say I have a favorite, I either enjoyed it or I didn't.

What's your perfect Holiday or favorite destination?
Again unfortunately for you guys I'm not one of those people that get wildly enthusiastic about one place. New Zealand's very attractive, South East Asia, England's always got a soft spot in my heart. But I can honestly say I don't have a particular favorite place I want to go back to, I'd rather go somewhere new. I like the variety and the challenge of somewhere new.

Being a Gentlemen Len, I back you to be a Romantic type. What's your perfect date?
When I was young I use to do a lot of cycling, so the girls I would quite often meet were keen on their cycling as well. So call me old fashion but a cycle in the country with the picnic rug always use to be good fun.

Now Len, 100% sure you haven't seen the movie this is related to. But if you could go to a happy place when things are tough and you need a lift, where would you drift off to when you close your eyes?
(laughs), Well if I was to be honest my fondest memories were probably back to when I was in school, where we had no responsibilities. During the Second World War we got evacuated to the English countryside. As kids we use to just roam the countryside without a care in the world, it was fantastic.

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