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5 minutes with Cameron Wood

Cameron Wood

Carlton Football Club

Full Name: Cameron Wood
Height: 6'8", 204cm
Weight: 104kg
Born: March 4th,1987
Affiliations: Carlton Football Club
Sport: Australian Rules Football
Cameron Wood


  • Draft - 2004 AFL Draft 1st round selection (Brisbane Lions) No.18 overall.
  • 2007 AFL Draft traded by Brisbane Lions to Collingwood Football Club for No.14 (Jack Grimes);
  • 2014 Rookie Draft selection (Carlton) No.28.

After playing 64 games in eight seasons at the Brisbane Lions and Collingwood Football Clubs, the lightly built ruckman gains another chance under old mentor Mick Malthouse. Finished fourth in VFL club Williamstown's best and fairest last year and represented the VFL.

1) What year were you drafted Cameron and how many seasons have you been in the system?

Hello Daniel, thanks for having me. I was drafted November 2004 to the Brisbane Lions, nearly 10 years ago. This is my 9th year in the AFL system.

2) What was your weight when you first walked into the Brisbane Lions as compared to what you're now at Carlton?

My draft weight going to Brisbane was 87kg and I'm currently tipping the scales at 104kg.

3) What's your current gym schedule like and how does it compare to all those years ago at Brisbane?

Haha as you can tell I was probably a bit light when I got to Brisbane, so my whole focus initially was based around 4-5 1hr long gym sessions a week with not much running to keep the weight on. Haha probably still feeling the affects as I'm not the greatest of runners today. But structurally not much has changed. There's still a big focus on putting the right weight on during the pre-season, into maintaining that same strength through-out the season. I started the season at 108kg and have since lost 4kg, but all our strength testing suggests I haven't dropped too much.

4) What are your nutritional guidelines like as an AFL player? Is it individualized? Has it changed over the years? Do you have a nutritionist at the club who you regularly check in with?

We do have nutritional guidelines, yes. Whether or not I choose to follow them is up to me (laughs). But being a bit older you learn pretty quickly your own body and its intake. Its mainly based around educating the younger boys at the club, that if you're injured you can't go eating the same intake per week and being smart enough to adjust to your workload. Our nutritionist is a sports scientist with a big background in nutrition and yeh. is always available regularly for any queries or questions.

5) How great is the emphasis of pre-habilitation at the Carlton Football Club?

Yep Pre-habilitation it is probably a newer initiative emphasized a lot greater these days. We have a 10-15 minute circuit we do before each gym session, lots of activation work getting the body prepared for benching 180kg or whatever it is you want to do Daniel..

6) Tell us about some fun facts and hobbies outside of footy?

I played baseball as a kid so have a keen Interest in baseball and the MLB so I've always got one eye out during their season. I bought a guitar I've played once since last year, but always like practicing a few blink 182 anthems.

Yes, you are an avid Blink fan.. Your top 3 blink tracks?

1. Always
2. Feeling This. Ohhh 3's a bit tough..
3. Going away to College

7) Is it true you own a Postie Bike?

I do actually, yes! Haha. Gets ridden maybe once every 6 mths. Bit cold at the moment, but the postman always delivers the mail.

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