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If you are like the majority of people and find your motivation and energy levels best suited to a team friendly environment, then trial our wide range of small group training. From high intensity workouts to focused & relaxed Pilates training, you won't find a better variety of training suited towards pursuing your health and fitness goals. With the majority of our small groups holding a maximum of 8 people per class, we strive towards giving clients the best one on one trainer access possible. Corrects groups accommodate a wide range of clientele, with affordable rates and great value.

why group training is for you?

  • Let experienced trainers with years of diverse training in the health industry help you choose between 10 different classes the suit everyone's fitness needs.
  • Cost effective and constructive time away from work and lifestyle related stresses.
  • Be part of a team environment, giving you motivation to hit your targeted goals.
  • Make new friends who are on the same page to help support and promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


Boxing is a timeless workout, that’s fit for anyone of any level. Corrects Boxing sessions combine a range of high cardiovascular drills, core work & coordination mixed in with great one on one trainer access to help guide and educate movement technique. Along with being a great way to tone and produce lean muscle, our boxing groups provide a great way develop new social circles in a friendly, competitive environment.

All of Corrects boxing sessions use up to date equipment, fitness pads and power bags that are readily available to use, making your workout run quickly and smoothly. Clients also have the option to purchase their own gloves and inners if they wish.

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Golf challenges the body’s, mobility, flexibility and strength endurance. At Correct we have taken these fundamental principles and designed a unique program to test for strengths and weaknesses specific to the golf swing. Through these findings, exercise programs and circuits are developed to increase your ‘golf fitness’ and ultimately have you shooting less on the course, and dropping that handicap.

Train with other like minded golfers under the supervision one of Corrects exercise specialists to work through a range of core and mobility exercises. Increase joint range of motion and strengthen surrounding structures while improving endurance to keep you hitting the perfect shot, round after round.

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In the 1920’s Joseph Pilates developed a method to assist injured athletes safely return to exercise  and maintain their fitness. Over the years the Pilates method has gradually evolved into the modern day biomechanical thinking, including the utilisation of state of the art equipment, including spring resisted reformers and trapeze tables.

Correct’s Pilates use a combination of these machines as well as mat based exercises to give you full control of your core and posture. So much of the modern day lifestyle involves sedentary behaviour (sitting at work, driving etc.) and shortening of our trunk and spine, which as many unfortunately experience can lead to pain, injuries and lack of motivation. At Correct we focus on taking control of the core by lengthening and strengthening the spine so you can feel good and move freely.

All of Correct’s Pilates instructors are clinically qualified in Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology so we can find the right practitioner to fit your needs and assist with injury rehabilitation, management or prevention.

As a part of our extensive group training program, core Pilates is offered as a small (4 maximum) group.

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Olympic lifting and powerlifting small group programs are a great way for passionate and experienced gym users to take their training to the next level. Correctly executed olympic lifts are one of the most powerful and beneficial movements the human body can do. Corrects staff are all highly trained with tertiary education and a range of experience in professional sporting clubs and private clinics. Catering to only small groups, this gives us a great chance to work with people from a range of abilities and experience. Constant supervision and education can be expected as we work through various techniques of lifts, including the snatch and the clean and jerk.

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Cardiovascular Circuit

By having the advantage of a large facility with a range of new equipment, this workout is higher in intensity and uses only body weight friendly exercises and speed based cardiovascular training. The circuit will keep your heart rate at its optimal level for both increasing cardiovascular fitness and metabolic health.

Designed to benchmark you against yourself, this circuit will push both your mental and physical capacity, all the while maintaining its variety and smashing out improvements every week.

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Functional Strength

Based on similar principles to our cardiovascular circuit training, this functional based weights circuit will test both your mental/physical strength and endurance. The circuits are built for trainers of all levels and abilities are well catered for with the appropriate education of our individualized prehabilitation and mobility training.

Expect the unexpected from these workouts as we target both muscle strength and endurance, whilst also pushing your heart rate within a constraint period of time. All of Corrects functional strength programs are designed to be measurable, giving you the control to track your own progress.

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Flexibility & Mobility

With all the tension and stress that comes from the day to day grind, give your muscles and joints the best opportunity to perform at their highest level by engaging in a light stretching and activation circuit.

Poor posture, muscle tightness and weakness are the biggest contributors to significant injury and also poor performance in the gym. Through Corrects Mobility classes, you will be educated on improving your movement through all planes of motion. Utilising self myofascial release techniques, PNF stretching and learning of the key anatomical contributors, you can stay on top of maintaining a healthy posture and strong joints.

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Corrects Running group, combines muscle activation and targeted exercises specific to running gait. Ideal warm up exercises and technique coaching are utilised with short and medium length interval courses. Running is the most natural method of movement for the human body and when trained properly leads to fast, effective improvements in cardiovascular fitness and health.

The running circuits and sessions are designed to cater for beginners all the way through to avid runners. If you’re looking to get started with running, or training for an upcoming event, this group is perfect for you.

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Open Gym

Upholding Corrects identity as a premier appointment based service, we’ve added the open gym to our small group program, to try and further maximize the potential and value our clients can receive. Our open gym training sessions are exclusively available to all active members as another opportunity for people to remain focused and on track with your goals.

Under the supervision of one of our staff members for any guidance or questions you might have, we require clients to book ahead of schedule into open gym time slots to keep our gym floor at a capable capacity

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