Get Fit For Ski Season

Get Fit For Ski Season

With the opening of the snow season upon us and huge amounts of fresh powder being dumped by the day, its time to make the most of it and get your body conditioned and ready to go TODAY!

As any keen skier or snowboarder will tell you, snow sports are brutal on the body. The upper and lower body is both tested, taking huge amounts of force during any run down the mountain or absorbing all sorts of falls and errors. A lack of preparation is list as the number one cause of snowboarding or skiing injuries.

With over 20 years experience in snow sports and 10 years experience as a corrective + strength and conditioner, Trainer Peter Jordan will design a specific program based around your own movement and fitness level. The programs aim is to not only enhance your ability on the slopes but also minimize the risk of any potential injury.

The programs key focus includes:

  1. Hip and Abdominal strength + stability (Pilates design)
  2. Ankle, knee and hip stability
  3. Lower extremity power and strength enhancement
  4. Flexibility and joint mobility
  5. Energy system training
  6. Balance training

Don't risk being flat on your back wishing you'd done more before the snow had arrived, sign up today to ensure the best season ever.

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