Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage focuses on the treatment of soft tissue injuries, aching muscles and postural imbalances using a variety of different techniques to enhance wellbeing.

This type of treatment is beneficial when muscles become overworked and tight and is able to assist in the healing process by improving circulation and releasing tension that has developed in the muscles.

Remedial massage is used to treat both acute and chronic disorders by reducing the symptoms and assisting in the improvement of functional activities.

At Correct, remedial massage can be incorporated into your personal training so you receive the right balance of health and fitness training and corrective exercise therapy.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is primarily used to enhance athletic or training performance and promote healing post injury or competition. It uses a variety of techniques with the main focus being to increase blood flow to the areas of the body about to be used.

This type of massage generally concentrates on a specific problem area and is an effective treatment for anyone suffering from chronic pain, injury or range of motion issues.

Correct massage therapists have considerable experience working with elite sporting teams (Richmond FC, Melbourne Stars, Cricket Victoria) and are able to tailor treatments to the specific movement and activity demands of each individual.

Pre & Post Natal Massage

Pre-natal massage is a gentle treatment used to ease the tension in tight muscles, improve circulation and mobility and enhance overall well being. It focuses specifically on the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies, aiming to assist in the maintenance of posture and functional movement.

Post-natal massage is used to relieve muscle tension and stimulate circulation helping to reduce fluid retention. It is aimed at improving the alignment of the body focusing on the new demands that come once your baby is born.

At Correct, our massage therapists are able to provide both pre and post natal massage therapy, working to improve both physical and psychological health.

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