Get Fit For Spring

Get Fit For Spring

Winter is nearly over so there's no better time to start achieving your weight loss and fitness goals!

Feeling a little sluggish? Lacking motivation to exercise? Putting up with aches and pains? Want to look great for spring but not sure how or where to start? Then here is the solution...

At Correct Personal Training we offer not just a quick and simple solution to weight loss and fitness, we offer a lifestyle change so you don't feel like you're always starting again.

After achieving nutritional, pain management and weight loss goals of her own, Assistant Manager and Exercise Physiologist, Sarah Noonan of Black Rock, has created a program that will help you meet your weight loss and fitness goals. If it's 20kg, 10kg or just the desire to tone up, this program is perfect for you.

The program involves:

  • Postural Control & Core Stability
  • Large movement Patterns geared to Increase your Heart Rate
  • Flexibility Training
  • Interval Training
  • Specific & Personal Nutritional Advice
  • Power Training

Don't get to the middle of spring and wish you'd started earlier. Now is the time!

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