clinical pilates

In the 1920's Joseph Pilates developed a method to assist injured athletes safely return to exercise and maintain their fitness. Over the years the Pilates method has gradually evolved into the modern day biomechanical thinking, including the utilisation of state of the art equipment, including spring resisted reformers and trapeze tables.

Correct's Pilates use a combination of these machines as well as mat based exercises to give you full control of your core and posture. So much of the modern day lifestyle involves sedentary behaviour (sitting at work, driving etc.) and shortening of our trunk and spine, which as many unfortunately experience can lead to pain, injuries and lack of motivation. At Correct we focus on taking control of the core by lengthening and strengthening the spine so you can feel good and move freely.

All of Correct's Pilates instructors are clinically qualified in Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology so we can find the right practitioner to fit your needs and assist with injury rehabilitation, management or prevention.

As a part of our extensive group training program, core Pilates is offered as a small (4 maximum) group where you can refine your technique and build up a great core base. Alternatively, private appointments can arranged to test and clinically treat injuries with one of our in house specialists.

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