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Correct Health and Exercise pride themselves on being Bayside’s premier exercise and rehabilitation facility. Our open lifestyle gym and Pilates studio give our members a feel of comfort and freedom. Expect the latest in exercise and health methods, while being welcomed into a friendly culture that promotes healthy, balanced lives for everyone.

Correct has been a prominent and high quality personal training studio, servicing the Bayside area since 2007. Working within the studio for 5 years, we experienced and saw the potential that exercise has on all individuals to sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Given the opportunity to expand Correct and express our own enthusiasm and beliefs within the health industry, it is now our passion to bridge the gap between gym and studio based personal trainers and clinical health centres. Using a holistic approach, we see exercise as something that should be a habitual trait within everyone, giving them the best opportunity to live a healthy life.

Since moving into our brand new facility in 2014, we have included additional health departments (physiotherapy, Pilates, exercise physiology, remedial & sports massage therapy, pre and post-natal care) to complement our exercise services, giving more clients the opportunity to experience the highest calibre and most beneficial quality of care.

At Correct’s Clinical Health and Exercise Centre, we have built a team of diverse individuals all with specialised qualifications and expertise ranging from Bachelor degrees to postgraduate Honours and Masters. Our staff have gained experience from a range of professions within the health industry, including professional sporting clubs, public health sector, private clinics and tertiary education. We are very fortunate to be a part of a dedicated group of health professionals, who share our philosophy and enthusiasm to create healthier lifestyles for our members.

We are forever appreciative of the opportunity we have to spend time with a variety of individuals helping them take control of their health, and we look forward to continually evoking positive change within the industry.
Dean Foon & Daniel Forbes (Directors).

Dean Foon
Director | Exercise Physiologist

Lucy Packwood
Exercise Physiologist

Charlie Ross
Strength & Conditioning

Joshua Marsterson
Strength & Conditioning

Jack Punshon
Strength & Conditioning

Adriana Tselepis

Ben Shipperd

Jen McLaren

Oliver Tate

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